Benefits for Small Business in Nova Scotia

Benefits for Small Business through Medavie Blue Cross is a brand-new group benefit offering for employers with 2-10 employees in 2021.  The plan offers a full range of benefits from Life Insurance, Accidental death & dismemberment, Dependent Life, Long Term Disability, Extended Health Care, prescription drugs, and dental care.  You are pooled with other small businesses, which provides a lower administration fee and a simpler renewal process.  

At McIver Insurance, we see this plan as the future for small business benefit plans.  

Be proud of the benefits you offer

  • Promote employee health
    Offering employees’ access to health care resources when needed, means fewer sick days and fewer absences
  • Stand out to top talent
    Show your current employees and your future recruits that you care about their wellbeing and success.
  • Make a positive impact 
    Employee health and happiness directly impacts the prosperity of your business. 
  • Mental health resources
    Access to essential support, either virtual or in-person

What are the plan options?

Benefits for Small Business includes two plan options, Entry and Essential.  The chart below shows the differences between the plans.

Life Insurance | AD&D$25,000$50,000
Prescription Drugs$3,000/calendar year$5,000/calendar year
Extended Health Care80% EHCUp to $500 calendar year per practitioner80% EHCUp to $600 calendar year per practitioner
Dental CareBasic care: $1,000/calendar yearBasic care: $1,500/calendar year
Major restoration: $500/calendar year
Emergency Medical Travel$2,000,000 per trip; Max 180 days$2,000,000 per trip; Max 180 days
Includes trip cancellation and baggage loss coverage
Long Term DisabilityX

Aside from the great benefits, what else will my employees get? 

Submit claims with a photo, search drug and prescription details, use the mobile ID card & much more.

Great discounts on a variety of health-related products & services 

Customized health advice and information including an assessment tool for an overall health snapshot

In case of a serious illness, members and their dependents can have their medical files reviewed by world-class medical specialists

If you choose to include it in your organization’s plan, your employees will have more choice where they spend their health dollars. This account can be used to cover eligible health and dental expenses not covered by the group plan.

Optional Benefits 

Employees can further enhance their life and health protection with benefit options they can pay for at preferred member rates:

  • Optional Critical Illness – A lump-sum amount is paid in the event of a serious illness.  36 conditions are covered
  • Optional Life – Offers additional protection from financial hardship in the event of a death.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Provides payments in the event of an accidental death or an accident resulting in a serious injury such as loss of a limb, loss of eyesight or paralysis. The benefit is an optional add-on to Optional Life Insurance. A

How do the pricing and renewals work?

Claims are pooled together with other small businesses to protect you against the financial impact of high claims activity. This helps ensure your plan remains more affordable over time.  The rates are guaranteed for a period of 12-23 months. The plan renews annually.  


Group Benefits Near Me

Group benefits can be a big asset for your company: protecting your employee’s health is a high priority.  If you are looking for a Group benefits insurance policy that is suitable for you, McIver Insurance Inc, based out of Halifax, NS, is certainly a great place to start.